Military Museum Book Launch

28. 10. 2013

Media Centre Odbrana has launched an edition „Military Museum Belgrade“ on the 58th International Belgrade 2013 Book Fair. The edition was work of two authors: Predrag Lažetić and Andjelija Radović.

The book, a kind of a catalogue is a great guide for those who wants to get to know this eminent institution that is one of the oldest in the country. Speaking about the history of the Museum, one of the authors, Predrag Lažetić, pointed out that the book is an attempt to present its chronology, and also that museum, as well as the nation in whole, had its periods of falls and rises.



Andjelija Radović pointed out the most significant collections an items of the Museum and reminded that it consolidates all categories present in Museology.

- 33.000 items in 12 different collections are standing as witnesses of the time past – said Anđelija Radović, one of coauthors of this unique catalogue.

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