After the Museum had been founded in 1878, besides collecting of objects, written documents have been deposited also. Carefully collected, prepared and preserved library fund, mostly from the fields of World and National History, Military Sciences, History of Art, Archaeology, Ethnology and Museology on Serbian and other World languages, is significantly increased and has today about 12.500 books and 6.000 magazines.
The Oldest book in library dates in the second half of the16th century. It was printed in Venice in 1574. Library also preserves several works printed in the second half of the 17th century in Wien, Venice, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, that are related to history of European countries that had contacts with happenings on Balkan Peninsula. Works from 18th century are neither rarity in this library. The exclusivity of library is a book about Eugene of Savoy in three volumes from 1729. This luxurious royal Military History is illustrated with engraving portraits of military leaders, battlefields and fortress sieges. Entire chapter in the book is dedicated to the Siege of Belgrade.
Nineteenth century was the century of Serbian national renaissance. Serbian revolution that started in 1804 was, beside Serbs, noted by great European writers like Leopold Ranke. Military History of Balkan, especially Serbian wars for liberation in 19th century left a great trace in European historiography. There are many documents about Military Border, Serbian Vojvodina, Principality and Kingdom of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Works of prominent scientist, university professors from the end of the 19th and during the 20th century have build a basis of Serbian historiography, so they also deserve special attention. They were both promoters and editors of scientific magazines in which they often published documents from famous European archives. From the field of Military Science, we have very special work “Strategy-the art of combat” by Živojin R. Mišić, printed in Belgrade in 1908.
Library fund also keeps books that have both artistic and documentary value. Book “Donors of the Military Museum” is one of them. Sketch and manufacture of the book is work of Russian painter Vsevolod Guljevič. He manualy wrote text in ancient cyrillic letters, while pictures of given objects were painted in aquarel.
Old magazines are special value of library, both as rarities and as sources for studying certain themes from fields of History and Museology.
Library fund is being constantly increased with new acquisitions, apportionment from Central Military Library, gifts and exchange with similar institutions in Serbia an abroad. In this way, Museum is in contatct with all news from Historiography and Museology and keeps abreast of the times.

Director of library: Ljuba Majstorović

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