Collection of Western European Weapons and Equipment



Generally, collection consists of cold and fire weapons and protective equipment from 16th to 19th century. To this, not so big collection, also belong a special group of medieval swords from 14th and 15th century and they are part of Museum’s display. This group is also valuable because most of the examples originate from territory of Serbia, who beside imported ones also had domestic swords, products of Serbian craftsmen. Collection has 20 Schiavone swords which developed in 16th and 17th century from Serbian sword. One of them is a real rarity even in European circles; it dates in the beginning of 16th century. Collection of European swords is also diverse with swords of various types, periods and origins. Since the Middle Ages, centres for sword manufacturing started to be founded. Best of them were Solingen and Pasau in Germany, Toledo in Spain, Milan in Italy etc. Craftsmen were signing their works, and their workshops had their own mark. Our collection has original pieces from those centres, but there are also ones with false marks and names of craftmen.

Curator of the collection - Vuk Obradović


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