Collection of Weapons from 1945

Collection of Weapons from 1945 exists for some time in Military Museum and in the begining it consisted from both domestic and foreign weapons and equipment of former Yugoslav People`s Army. However conflits during the early 90`s opened a new chapter not just in military history of this nation but also in this collection. Conlicts in Croatia and disintegration of Yugoslavia, then campaign against Albanian terrorists in 1998 and 1999 and NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia in 1999 created a new space in presenting national military history so new objects have arrived in the collection. Many of these objects were collected right from the first frontlines. Museum even today continues to collect objects from this period but the interest is being spread to formation weapons and equipment of Serbian Armed Forces.
Oldest pieces in the collection are the one from the period of development of a new Communist Yugoslavia and Yugoslav People’s Army that also shows development of domestic armament industry. Among these weapons there is lot of the weapons from the Second World War that still continued to be in use in Army. Beside infantry weapons there is lot of other types of equipment from various army units such as explosive devices, naval weapons and equipment, connections, artillery ammo etc. Special part of the collection is dedicated to the first international mission of our Army, UNEF mission on Sinai, Egypt.
As mentioned, collection funds were largely widened because of 90`s conflicts. Large numbers of objects were collected directly from the war zones during 1991 and 1992. Because of the UN embargo on importing weapons, armed formations of Republic of Croatia illegally brought weapons from many different countries. So a situation was created that there were weapons from all over the world on battlefields and some of them are today in Military Museum. The true picture of the war is being represented by improvised weapons intended for torturing and murdering of civilians and captured members of YPA.
Last war on territory of Serbia is also shown in Military Museum with objects from this collection. One part of it is connected with campaign against Albanian separatists. In this case also the situation was very similar to one in Croatia, so again the collection is filled with weapons from all corners of the world. The other part is dedicated to NATO aggression and bombing of FRY. There are weapons and equipment of NATO pilots shot down by Yugoslav forces shown. The most interesting object, which causes the attention of all visitors, is a part of F-117 Stealth aeroplane that was shot down on March 27. 1999. Collection also has pieces of weapons forbidden by War Conventions (Cluster bombs and ammo with Uranium), but that has been constantly used during the Aggression.
Most modern part of the collection is the one that is constantly being upgraded and it represents weapons that is today in use in Army of Serbia. By that, Military Museum is able to show the entire development of official Army Weapons since the foundation of modern Serbia in 19th century.

Curator of the Collection – second lieutenant Dejan Milivojević

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