Collection of Weapons from 1918 until 1945

Collection was created after the Second World War in scope of reconstruction of Museum and its funds with great enthusiasm for victory over Fascism. The idea was to present the battle of Yugoslav people in Second World War in most representative way. Because of this, the collection got most space in Museum’s Display; entire floor was dedicated to period between 1918 and 1945. Objects for this collection were collected across entire country and the result was one very impressive collection which completely covered the battle of NOVJ in Second World War.
Today, Collection of Weapons from 1918 until 1945 with over 3500 objects is even wealthier in its diversity of objects and their value and with exclusivity of some of them, it represents the curiosity not just in Serbia but in entire Europe and in the rest of the World.
Particular part of collection consists of weapons that were used in Army of Kingdom of SHS, later Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Military Museum can be proud to say that it fully covers the entire arsenal of well preserved infantry weapons from that period.
The biggest and most important part of this collection is being represented by weapons that were used in Yugoslavia during the Second World War. There one can find weapons of German, Italian and other occupation Armies. Also there are weapons that belonged to resistance movements, weapons from arsenal of Army of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, weapons that were captured from occupation troops, improvised weapons and pieces dropped down by Allies.
Improvised weapons from Partisan workshops are also one of the Museum’s rarities because they are very unique and very technically interesting. As for the weapons of resistance movements originated from Allied countries, collection posses large number of various examples and types of weapons that were used in this region.
Collection also has a number of objects that used to belong to famous persons from the Second World War. Museum has personal weapons of Josip Broz Tito, the High Commander of NOVJ I POJ; of generals Savo Orović, Pavle Jakšić, Petar Drapšin, Bogdan Oraščanin; Moša Pijade, dr Ivan Ribar, Sava Kovačević, Milan Šijan, artist Đorđe Andrejević Kun, major Stewart, chief of the British mission to Parisan High Command and others. Depots of Military Museum are also keeping captured side-weapons of Ustasha commander Slavko Kvaternik and German general Alexander Ler, commander of Group South.
As a special curiosity that is recently discovered and brought to Military Museum, a special cipher machine “Enigma” should be mentioned. Machine is completely preserved and in a great condition. So Collection of Weapons from 1918 until1945 and Military Museum classify in greatest collections of objects that marked this period.
Curator of the Collection – second lieutenant Dejan Milivojević

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