Collection of Decorations


Collection consists of over 5800 objects of domestic and foreign origin. Most significant are Serbian decorations, which were being awarded in the period from the middle of 19th to the end of 20th century. Before Serbian state has been restored, only foreign decorations had been awarding to meritorious persons. New Serbian state, emulating modern European manners, introduced its owndecorations.
Collection possesses decorations of Principality of Serbia, Kingdom of Serbia which are mainly transmitted in new country of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, later Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Collection includes this precious national heritage. Change of governmental structure in Yugoslavia after Word War Two caused introducing of decorations with new ideological symbolism. Those decorations have being awarded until collapse of Socialistic Yugoslavia. They also enlarged our collection. FR Yugoslavia also had its own decorations. Part of them were transmitted from previous system and newly formed decorations were attempt of returning to old historical values and traditional spirit. Decorations were being awarded while the FR Yugoslavia lasted. Now they are only part of Museum’s collection. Events in 90’s have caused forming of Serb Republic who based its decorations on Serbian historical heritage.
In second half of 19th century Serbia developed its decorations in system of awards and acknowledgements for certain achievements in all fields of activities. Decorations and their changing were also a witness of dynastic changes in Serbian history. Orders, medals and commemoratives were composing the system of decorations awarded for military and other merits. Second World War brought changes which are visible on decorations also. New decorations were formed then, with symbols of new ideology. It was a break with national heritage and tradition on these important symbols of sovereignty. By the end of 20th century, new system of decorations was established as a bond of decorations with ideological symbolism and decorations with symbols based on national heritage and tradition.
Among decorations given to meritorious individuals, there are decorations of very important persons from Serbian history. First of all, there are decorations from the legacies of King Aleksandar I Karađorđević and King Aleksandar I Obrenović. Than there are decorations of commanders in chief Živojin Mišić, Stepa Stepanović, Radomir Putnik and other high rank officers and great heroes from Serbian Liberation Wars.

Curator of the Collection - Dušanka Maričić

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