Archaelogical Collection

There are approximately about 700 chosen objects in Archaeological Collection of the Military Museum that belong to periods of Prehistory, Antique and Medieval times. It should be mentioned that collection posses rare examples of coins, jewellery, tools, weapons etc, that testify of development of human societies in this region. ›››

Collection of West-European Weapons and Equipment

Generally, collection consists of cold and fire weapons and protective equipment from 16th to 19th century. To this, not so big collection, also belong a special group of medieval swords from 14th and 15th century and they are part of Museum’s display. ›››

Collection of Hadnicraft Weapons from Balkan

Cold and fire weapons of Oriental origin, was being made in many gunsmith and other weapon workshops across Balkans from 15th until 19th century. However, our collection mostly includes items made in period from 17th until 19th century, while some of them came as war trophies from the East. Every item is unique and beside historical, it also has artistic value. ›››

Collection of 19th Century Weapons until 1918

For Serbia, nineteenth century was a century of wars for freedom and independence on the path to create a modern country. After the autonomy had been granted in 1830, Serbia gained the right to buy weapons for “necessary” troops. Weapons were being bought mainly from Russia and Austria. ›››

Collection of Decorations

Collection consists of over 5800 objects of domestic and foreign origin. Most significant are Serbian decorations, which were being awarded in the period from the middle of 19th to the end of 20th century. Before Serbian state has been restored, only foreign decorations had been awarding to meritorious persons. New Serbian state, emulating modern European manners, introduced its owndecorations. ›››

Collection of Military Flags

The biggest and most valuable collection of flags is being kept in Military Museum. Since the foundation in 1878, according to Regulations from 1879 and by command of military authorities, war flags from Liberation Wars 1876-1878 were among first objects given to Museum. When the first Permanent Display was opened in 1904, Museum already had 232 flags. ›››

Collection of Uniforms

Collection counts around 5000 objects and consists of various objects, mostly national costumes, uniforms and archive files. Large numbers of these are gifts from participants of historical events or from their descendants. Some of uniforms were also brought from the National Theatre, Army Depots, disbanded Army units etc. ›››

Collection of Weapons from 1918 until 1945

Collection was created after the Second World War in scope of reconstruction of Museum and its funds with great enthusiasm for victory over Fascism. The idea was to present the battle of Yugoslav people in Second World War in most representative way. Because of this, the collection got most space in Museum’s Display; entire floor was dedicated to period between 1918 and 1945. ›››

Collection of Weapons since 1945

Collection of Weapons from 1945 exists for some time in Military Museum and in the begining it consisted from both domestic and foreign weapons and equipment of former Yugoslav People`s Army. However conflits during the early 90`s opened a new chapter not just in military history of this nation but also in this collection. ›››

Art Work Collection

Collection of Art Works is unique because of number and value of art works that is in it. Credits for founding of this collection should be given to general Vojislav Vuković, who was director of Military Museum in period between 1934 and 1945 and also to Advisory and Artistic Board of Military Museum. ›››

Collection in the Exterior

The collection of artillery weapons was a base of the first permanent exhibition of the Military Museum in 1904. Beside two cannons that were placed in front of the Museum’s entrance, a larger number of muzzle-loading cannons, of which four of them were Karađorđe`s cannons cast in Serbian foundry in 1811 were decorating the exhibit space. ›››


Photo-documentation fund is the largest collection in Military Museum and it consists of material recorded on glass plates, negatives and photos. For easier orientation in abundance of material, photo-documentation is divided in special periods. Fund “Earlier War History” includes period from first photographs in Serbia until the End of First World War. This, perhaps most significant fund, contains very important photographs that represent cultural heritage of Serbian people. ›››

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