Military Museum Building


Present residence of Military Museum on Belgrade Fortress was built in 1924 as a residence of Military Geographical Institute. Plans were made by Russian emigrant, architect Vasilyev. In 1926, new building appeared on postcards of Kalemegdan and Belgrade Fortress.
Because of the great devastation suffered by Military Museum residence during the Second World War and its small capacities for growing collection funds, it was necessary to find a new building. In 1955, Military Geographical institute moved into modern building and it was decided that the old one should be given to Military Museum. It was the most proper solution because of the fortress ambient that suited the thematic of the Museum. Large are of the building (1600 m2) was a good foundation for new permanent display and basement rooms were excellent for depots and conservation workshops. Adaptation of the building was led by well known architect, Djuka Kavurić, and it lasted from 1956 until 1959. Entire building, with certain enlargements, was adapted for specific needs of the Museum, according to modern standards.
Since 1959 Military Museum resides in remarkable building that is one of landmarks of Belgrade Fortress.
Museum building in 1956


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